Friday, August 31, 2012

The Art of Photography

Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual or written form such as painting, sculpture, or manuscript, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. This can mean different things to  different people. My interest in art has changed and developed over the years, and I have continually tried to learn more each day.

Photography is my passion and dream now. Even without a camera, I am constantly composing photos in my mind. I enjoy a variety of different subject matter: macro, floral, still life, nature, landscape, HRD, black and white. You name it, I click it.

I am aware of the discomfort at times (infact very often) and it is a great indicator of how far I’m stepping outside my sphere of comfort. I believe that the world is full of beauty and I enjoy capturing images that are full of colours. What I love most about photography is that it utilizes both the creative and technical parts of the brain and that there is a never ending amount one can learn....just like in life.

Life happens today, at this moment and it can be missed so easily. Time flying by too quickly we lose so many moments that slip into what we will call our past too suddenly. When life gets crazy and it seems there is never going to be enough hours or energy to push through the tread mill of the day, it’s hard to take time to just step off and stop for a moment to see what is in that very second right before you. I would not say that patience is my gift in this life. Perhaps that’s why photography fits me so well, a quick snap and instant art. I am learning though that life is a series of pictures some perfect, some imperfect, some simple and some momentous. And it’s impossible to rush the process, although trust me, I have tried. 

In a world saturated with trendy processing techniques and emphasis on style instead of substance, I strive to make honest images that are full of emotions and realities. 

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