Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

The year 2011 had taken its toll on me, but that is what makes life worth living in some ways, hence my optimism for the future. Looking back at the events and challenges of the past year 2011, it is hard to believe that all of these could possibly have been crammed into one year, but rather when reflecting on the events of 2011 it feels like a decade. Nevertheless, bid a fond farewell to 2011and look forward to 2012 with hope and optimism. Every new year is a great opportunity to look back and see what has been done and what’s ahead.

I'll follow the below 10 actions for a happier 2012:
  • Let my family and friends know how much they mean to me
  • Find ways to make exercise fun and sociable
  • Do extra acts of kindness to help others
  • Get outside and enjoy the natural world
  • Spend more time getting to know others
  • Take time each day to be mindful and notice the feeling
  • Change something that's been making me or others unhappy
  • Support a good cause that I feel passionate about
  • Try something new that puts me outside comfort zone
  • Write down three good things that happen each day

With the fireworks video in the world's most expensive site, Burj Khalifa, celebrating New Year eve, wishing you all love, peace, health and happiness in 2012.

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