Friday, November 11, 2011

What's Your Morning Tech Routine?

Some people get their news from the TV and some from radio. Some folks still catch up with the world by reading the morning paper with their coffee.  I tap into Google Reader and Twitter before even getting out from under the blankets. Everybody has a morning routine, and most of us in the tech industry have a morning routine of getting in touch with the rest of the world.

I can't remember when I last used an alarm clock, or staggered out of bed to check the computer first thing. These days, my iPad is my alarm clock and first form of contact with the rest of the world. After turning off the alarm, I start skimming Google Reader, Flipboard (my fav app on iPad) and Twitter to see if there's any news afoot.

Once I reach office, open my office laptop and check my personal email first, to see if anything urgent is happening. Then I check work email and go through that for quite some time. I'll open Facebook, Google+ and Twitter which I leave on and let streaming alongside my work all day.


  1. interesting :)
    i just check my cell, have coffee fast and go for my morning walk. rest of the world can wait :)

  2. Pack the kids off to school, go for a morning walk, send my husband off to work & my day begins;-D


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